Nutrition, Fitness and improved Cognition are the keys to living an OPTIMAL LIFE

We provide a range of key supplements that will help you live an OPTIMAL LIFE.


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We are committed to helping you improve your overall health through

  • Better Gut and Bowel Health
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Strengthening your Body’s Immune System


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Maintaining fitness is essential for preventing disease and improving the Quality of Life.

We provide a range of sports-based supplements that help we achieve your optimal fitness

Improved Cognition

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Remaining competitive is about retaining mental acuity and cognitive performance as we age.

We provide a range of cutting-edge and clinically proven supplements that provide improved cognitive function and better memory performance.


Nutrition and Fitness with a Mission

Bringing you the Latest Articles on Nutrition, Fitness and Cognitive science

We are writing articles based on the most recent science to help you live an Optimal Lifestyle. We will bring you the latest news on the health benefits of dietary fibre and probiotics.

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Discover the science behind FibaFit®  Functional Fruit Fibre

Research has shown that New Zealand grown fruits are the most bioactive in the world

Functional Fibre contains nutrients that may assist in the following:

  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Remove unhealthy Fats before they are stored in the body
  • Reduce your risk For heart problems
  • Promote healthy intestinal Flora
  • Improve and maintain optimal blood-glucose levels
  • Sooth irritated intestinal lining
  • Alleviate hyperactivity
  •  Brain health from quercetin in apples.

Our Comprehensive Range of Products
to support your Digestive Wellbeing


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FibaFit is a unique form of Functional Fruit Fibre produced from New Zealand grown apples. It contains high levels of polyphenolic antioxidants and dietary fibre that has been shown to aid digestion, improve regularity and help you feel full for longer.

Blackcurrant Anthocyanin

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healthy digestive system means reduced gut inflammation. This is important for general health weight management and disease prevention. New studies confirm that blackcurrant  Fibre is associated with a decrease in gut inflammation. It  was also shown to increase  levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut.


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Probiotics beneficial bacteria that we consume to support our get. We know that peoplee with constipation and who are chronically overweight have differenct types of microorganisms in their intestines. Probiotics can lower pH levels.in the colon, which might help stool move faster through it. They can help us absorb protein and feel full for longer.

Vitamin D

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According to a 2015 research paper, Healthy levels of vitamin D reduce the risk of colon cancer,. Vitamin D aids muscle, nerve and immune system function and helps the body absorb calcium.


Fibatol™ promotes Inner Fitness

Promoting digestive health & weight management with powerful antioxidants
Promoting Better Health

•    Satisfies hunger between meals
•    Reduces discomfort from gas & bloating
•    Helps maintain healthy cholesterol
•    Maintains regularity and bowel health
•    Promotes healthy gut bacteria
•    Helps improve absorption of micro-nutrients


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